A review of Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl

A-review-of-Return-Man-2-Mud-BowlReady! Set! Hut! We now have a spin off to Return Man! Coming back as Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl. This time it’s even muddier than ever. Play a football star, catch the football and return it to the end-zone for a winning touchdown! Well, what can we say? Have fun and do not get too dirty!


Imagine this, Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl is on a tie of 21-21 and has then been thrown to overtime. Your opposing team is just about to kick that ball. Your task is to catch the ball within that yellow circle and then run it downfield to the end-zone without receiving a tackle. But you have to watch out for the huge mud puddles. These will slow your pace! Within the play, you will find items that look like lightning bolts or stars. Try collecting these! These lightning bolts will boost your speed briefly while stars will give additional points to the final scores! Obtain high scores to get your name onto the Leaderboards! On those slippery snowfields, when you must try to stop running, ensure you do account for your slipping. Try timing your stopping-times appropriately and hence still stop just within those yellow circle and not too far ahead of the circle or too far. Keep your eyes on the number of times you fail particular levels. Each time you receive a tackle, you will lose possession. If you lose four possessions, you’ll ultimately lose that game and then have to begin the level all over. Do not worry though, the stage progress is saved – so it isn’t a complete loss.


Player controls in Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl are quite unusual when compared to other flash games. Why so? Instead of playing with the W, D, S, A keys in directing the character to the directions you wish for him to head to, you will use the L, K, J, I buttons. Additionally, you could also press your spacebar if you wish to continue your game, and then press the M key when muting the sound effect. Once you complete a certain level in completing future levels and stages.

A – Spin.

S – Speed Burst.

D – Front Flip.

Stages and Levels.

There are stages in Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl and every stage has different number of levels that you have to complete to unlock the next stages. As with every stage progression does get harder, every level progression does get harder as well! You might find your football heroes sliding and slipping across the field like ice skaters in certain stages, but rushing onto the end-zone while dodging the mud puddles and opposing the team players in others.

How to Survive in Happy Wheels flash game

Happy Wheels at school is a browser game that was first launched in 2010. It is a ragdoll physics-based game, that has become popular due to its graphic violence and a vast amount of user-generated content. The over-the-top nature of the graphic violence within the game is considered by many to be humorous, helping the game to receive positive reviews and feedback. IGN considered the game to be one of the “Best Free Games”. Except for ordinary version of the game, there is hacked Happy Wheels version as well, where you are immortal.

How-to-Survive-in-Happy-Wheels-flash-gameInstructions Happy Wheels is an individual level based game. The aim of most levels is to travel across a course to collect tokens or reach the finish line, without your character dying. Characters within the game can be decapitated, crushed, shot and lose limbs. However, the availability of user-generated content and creativity of players means that levels can have alternative or non-existent goals. Demo of Happy Wheels allows players to create their own levels for others to play using the level editor feature within the game. This feature contains a large number of objects and tools for users to create levels. Once the levels are available on the public server players can rate each others levels, making it easier for players to find the best user-generated levels on the game. The game also allows interactivity between players. Replays of levels within the game can be saved and shared with other players. This allows for players to post their best scores and compete with the Happy Wheels community. Controls The controls to play Happy Wheels 2 are considerably simple and easy to use, with all the controls being keyboard orientated. All characters within the game use the same controls but have different abilities attached to some of the controls. All playable characters use the same basic movement controls. The UP ARROW on the keyboard allows the character to accelerate forward, the DOWN ARROW will allow the character to reverse backward. To tilt the characters vehicles the LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW are used, depending on which way you would like the character to tilt.


There are three different action controls that can be used with each character, which will give a different action or animation depending on which character has been selected. The three action controls are SPACE, SHIFT and CTRL. These controls will vary from Jump, Boost, Eject Passengers etc. The Z key allows players to eject every character from the vehicle that is being used. If you have used this control, you can then change which character you are viewing by clicking the C Key.

Top 10 zombie games

10.Dead island :pc-ps3-360-Mac
Dead island is a fps survivor game where you choose one of four characters and launch in assault to save the others in a island full of zombies using the stuff you find in it this game can be played with 4 teammates even

9.Left 4 dead 2 :pc-mac-360


Left 4 Dead 2 is a horror shooter that immerses four human survivors in the chaos of a zombie outbreak.. Teamwork is essential in this title to play cooperatively in five campaigns. Many weapons are available, and a competitive mode between eight players also there is many places

8.Dayz :pc-ps4

dayz is an online FPS set in a post-apocalyptic setting. The player learns on a beach in the former USSR and must survive in this world full of zombies and other players like him do anything to survive and protect the assets they have amassed.

7.All zombies must die :pc-ps3-360

All Zombies Must Die! Xbox 360 is playable up to four players. In the city of Deadhill, they will make their way through hordes of monsters hungry tender and fresh brains. To complete the quests from this completely crazy story, they will have a full arsenal and varied. Doublesix thus combines elements of action and RPG. The graphics reflect the nature both wacky and sinister universe.

6.Dead rising :360-wii

The laconic appeal of the zombie is for you a sweet melody? Welcome to Dead Rising on Xbox 360, a mix of action and humor in the heart of a huge American mall. Unscrupulous journalist parachuted into this dark place for a reason that is equally so, you will survive seventy-two hours pending the arrival of the saving helicopter. No small task when your shelter is overrun by the undead.

5.Call of Duty: World At War (Nazi Zombies) :ps3-pc-360

If youre a big fan of zombie games then this game is for you this game is for you you find yourself you and computer teammates in a land sorrounded by zombies where you need to run to checkpoint for arm and medical help and fight youre way out of the land there is so many game mode also you can play it online

4.State of decay :pc-ps3

State of Decay is a game of survival and horror. In an open world and invaded by zombies, the player must preserve, so find food, weapons to defend themselves and what shelter, for example by building fortifications

3.Resident Evil 2 :pc-ps3-psp

Following the first game of the same name, Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror in which the player can embody Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. They attempt to update the plans of the Umbrella organization when the city of Racoon City is completely infested by the T-virus.

2.Dying light :pc-ps4-ps3-360-one


Dying Light is a Survival-Horror in which the player must survive in a zombie infested city. By day, it is to explore the surroundings and find food and weapons, but at night, the zombies become more violent and go on hunting, especially since some particularly strong monsters only come out at sunset sun.

1.The Walking Dead :pc-ps4-ps3-360-mac-android-vita


Inspired by the comic of the same name, The Walking Dead: Season 1 is an adventure game in which the action takes place in a world where people are transformed into zombies after an unknown infection. The player incarnates Lee, a prisoner survivor who will take under his wing the young Clementine to help him find his parents.

P.S. If you are fond of zombie flash games, why not take a look at Earn to Die 3 and play the game?

Tank Trouble 3 – Demolish Your Opponents

What Is Tank Trouble 3?
Well, there’s a simple answer to that. Tank trouble 3 is a professional, highly immersive and competitive arcade game. Tank trouble includes 3d iteration which increases the games graphics, therefore, making it much better visually. Another thing about tank trouble 3 is that it includes a leader-board which makes the game, that more interesting and addictive. Tank trouble 3 is a free to play games as well (no string attached), so you can literally start playing now!

Tank-Trouble-3-–-Demolish-Your-OpponentsHow to Play (Controls)
Something that’s really good and convenient about this game is the simple controls it has. If you decide to play alone, the only thing you’ve got to know how to use is the arrow keys and letter M. If 2 people want to play together then one person uses the arrow keys + M and the second person uses letter e,s,d and f to move and q to shoot. If 3 people want to play together then what the third person uses is the mouse/touchpad. The controls are quite easy to use as mentioned but the thing is that it might be difficult for some to actually get used to them in the beginning (me for example), but don’t worry because the game is still very entertaining.

The idea behind Tank Trouble unblocked is to attack immediately wherever in the map you are, which might be something new for some beginning players, but don’t worry I’ll give you a few tips that’ll help you on the battlefield and lead you to victory.

If there’s something you should remember from this it’s these following tips. First of all, never wait for an opponent to attack first. Waiting will make a sitting duck and render your tank useless. Secondly, don’t fire at yourself. This might sound obvious but don’t be deceived. 1 wrong shot can make the missile bounce back and destroy your tank instead, so be careful. Lastly, remember that power-ups are key in this game. Many first time players don’t even notice them until they advance which is bad. 1 power-up and end your opponent in no time, so don’t neglect them.

What I Like and Dislike about Tank Trouble 3
There are many good things about this game but like everything else, it’s not perfect. Let’s start with what I like. The ability to play with friends that are next to you is something I really enjoy. Many arcade games don’t provide you with that option. Another thing I like about this game is the fact that it updates a lot with new maps and power-ups. This makes the game much more interesting and fun and at the end of the day, that’s what I want. The only thing I dislike about this game is the player 1 controls. I don’t like how close your arms have to be to play the game. Other than that this game is great.

In conclusion, this game is super fun and entertaining. It’s easy and simple with great graphics and other than some small control problems, this game is simply perfect. So start playing now!

Working Out The Brain – Impossible Quiz 3

CatNor the smart, nor the smarter, Slapp-Me-Do come up with a new game in the series, for the smartest. Impossible Quiz 3 ! So, you have finally completed the mentally challenging, nerve wreckingly daunting questions of the first two Impossible Quizzes, its time to exert your grey matter even further. Take on Impossible Quiz 3 or more aptly. the Impossible Quiz Book, a series of 150 questions, divided in 3 chapters, promising to extract the juice of every single brain cell. Questions that start innocuously as harmless simpletons and steadily progress to levels of optimized brilliance.

Keeping the ethos of Impossible Quizzes alive, most inquests of Impossible Quiz 3 lead to a fresh question, task or maze. Major rules continue to be the same. For each chapter, a player gets five lives at the beginning of the game. Every erroneous reply leads to the loss of one life, game gets over when no lives are left and player answers the next question incorrectly. Bomb questions need to be answered in the stipulated 11s, failing which the bomb will go off and the game’s over. Skips are the power ups which let you skip difficult questions. Its best to hold on to them for as long as you can, as the difficulty level keeps getting harder with each question. Fusestoppers are the power ups to help diffuse the Bombs.


Impossible Quiz 3 can be played efficiently at the click of a mouse, with only an occasional use of the arrow keys of the keyboard. Impossible Quiz 3 has an interesting pre launch story. After launching Impossible Quiz and Quiz 2 in 2007, Slapp-Me-Do came up with an April Fool version, Impossible Quiz 3 in 2008 which was nothing but a publicity stunt. Later on, they were cajoled by the developers to bring about a new game and came about the Impossible Quiz Book, in 3 parts for game lovers all over the world in 2009 through 2012. High time to get on that Impossible Quiz 3 now, your brain is dying to workout .

Happy Wheels Review A Mega Fun Game

Overview and Controls
Happy wheels is a graphic-based game that is both addictive and intriguing. With its skillful design that combines a twisted kind of humor and physics, users should expect to see some blood and guts. The four keyboard arrows, shift, control, space bars, and the alphabetical letter Z are the game’s primary controls. Happy wheels review reveals that first timers may find it challenging to control their characters because the mentioned controls seem quite heavy or slow to use. Just like other games, the starting point is selecting a character as well as the level. Basically, there are four characters to be chosen from and the primary goal is finishing the level selected without hurting your character. The mission fails when any part of the body or blood is lost from the character.


Playing the game
It is easy to access happy wheels by simply visiting the game’s website and downloading it to your browser. Other sites may even provide demos to guide users and familiarize them with the basics of the game and the primary controls. Account sign up is also necessary, and this allows the user to play and rate levels as well as create their own levels to be rated by other users. Another fundamental prerequisite to playing and actually winning the game is being conversant with the controls. In case the control keys available are hard to use, a user has the option of customizing them as needed.

Overall rating
Although the physics bit of the game seems rough, happy wheels is definitely playable. It is a fun game that will make you laugh and break monotony or boredom. It is an entertaining game that will keep you glued to your computer or mobile device. For these reasons, the game deserves a more than four-star overall rating.

Discover a better gaming experience with SSF2 Mcleodgaming

McLeodGaming was initially started by Gregory McLeod as a form of calculator game site, displaying TI-83 Plus calculator game modes such as SSF2. This particular game has seen major upgrades since its first launch, such as inclusion of Flash 10 AS3 which makes SSF2 Mcleodgaming even more interesting to play. It’s basically an arcade-style game, where different characters are pitted against one another in a cage.

Discover-a-better-gaming-experience-with-SSF2-McleodgamingGameplay & controls 

This game features approximately 28 playable characters not counting the double players, out of which 13 have been identified as starter characters, with 15 others being unlockable. Each one has a basic move-set comprising of just 5 attacks, which include standard, side, up, aerial and down. The characters belong to unique world, and each has some distinctive qualities.


In terms of controls, the first layer typically works with both arrow buttons & numeric pads while the second one uses keys W, D, A, S, P and O for launching attacks and defending. Despite its title, the SSF2 Mcleodgaming isn’t a sequel for the predecessor but rather a totally new game with different setting.

Cheats and tricks  

  1. a) Level Skip If you’re interested in skipping a levels, all you have to do is ‘right click’ on the gaming screen to initiate ‘Settings,’ then right click again and press ‘Play.’ This cheat can only be valid for 4 levels, when playing using the Adventure Mode setting.
  2. b) Freezing Opponents To freeze an enemy, simply go to training mode panel and switch ON the attack feature. Wait till the opponent bursts a move, and immediately he attacks click on ‘pause button’ and deactivate the attack. Your antagonist will immediately be frozen when this happens.

Note that certain criteria must be met first before unlocking some characters, currently SSF2 demos maintain an average of 400,000 plays per day on McLeodGaming , and have even peaked at more than 1 million streams a day.

Non-stop classic gaming with Tank Trouble Deathmatch


Third Tank Trouble at school (Deathmatch) is one of the most adored free games available on the Internet today. Utilizing simple graphics, it is a throwback to classic arcade-style gaming. Although it can be similar to many other tank games on the web, it is one of the newest and has its own unique style that is addictive. It can be played with 1-3 players, and is easy to learn, making it ideal for players of all ages and experience levels. Although the controls are simple, it requires fast maneuvering, strategy, and unbroken concentration! a split second is all your enemies need to destroy you!

Basic Gameplay:
Each player is assigned a tank (single player plays against the computer, Laika). The tanks are placed into a maze. The point is to blow up the other players by shooting them before they shoot you. A single shot is all that’s needed to complete a kill. As you progress through the levels, the number of rival tanks to eliminate increases, and the mazes become more complex and difficult to navigate. When only one player is left standing, the level is over, and a new maze is introduced. Gameplay continues through 25 levels. When a tank shoots, the bullets bounce off the walls through the maze several times before disappearing. It is easy to get hit by your own bullets, so be careful!

Various power-ups will appear randomly during gameplay. The power-ups are very useful but must be used with extreme caution. Getting hit by your own fire is infinitely more dangerous with more powerful weapons. The power-up with a circle of dots gets you a machine gun that fires multiple bullets in rapid succession as long as you hold down your fire command. The missile gets you a missile that seeks out the nearest tank. Be careful with this one! If none of your enemies are near, it will backfire to hit you. The final power-up, a crooked line, is a laser. It shows where the laser will shoot (up to a limited number of bounces) and travels instantaneously. With a well-directed laser, your enemies will have no chance to escape! As you know this is free online game and can be played at official website.


Your tank cannot travel in a curve. It can turn on its axis and move forward and backward. It can also shoot. Player 1 will use the arrow keys and shoot with “M.” Player 2 will use “E” for forward, “D” for backward, and “S” and “F” for left and right. Player 2 will shoot with “Q.” Player 3 uses the mouse to steer and click to shoot.

Tank Trouble Deathmatch is addictive fun for anyone. It is perfect for a quick break from work or a way to relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon. No matter the circumstances, it is certain to entertain!

Impossible Quiz 1 at school

The common notion that you actually don’t know everything is clearly applicable to Impossible Quiz 1, a flash game originally released in 2007. This game incorporates a number of challenging questions whose answers are not that obvious. Answers that appear to be obvious may end up being incorrect. Each question is meant to test your lateral thinking capacity to the maximal level since it tends to be tricky and ambiguous.



The mouse is the primary control or tool needed to play this game. Using the mouse is easy, though you have to think prior to clicking since an answer that is obvious to you may not really be the correct one. The questions provided are not as direct as they may seem.

Game instructions and how to play:

Playing necessitates staying on your toes as well as thinking outside the box. There is a total of 101 completely new levels. When you begin the game you are given a task or question. Giving the correct answer directs you to the next problem. Additionally, you will be timed as you play and only 3 mistakes are allowed. All the game’s progress is lost when you exhaust your lives and this forces you to begin all over. If you are fond of trivia and riddle games, the Impossible Quiz at school will keep you glued to your monitor for many hours.


Useful tips to help you win:

You have to remember that the questions are very tricky. For this reason, it is advisable to thoroughly study each question and keenly observe all the details. More often than not, you may be tricked into clicking an incorrect answer. Instead of falling for this, you need to use your imagination. The fact that it is a challenging game doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take it extremely seriously. It all boils down to enjoying a game that will alter your thinking and sharpen your IQ.