Top 10 zombie games

10.Dead island :pc-ps3-360-Mac
Dead island is a fps survivor game where you choose one of four characters and launch in assault to save the others in a island full of zombies using the stuff you find in it this game can be played with 4 teammates even

9.Left 4 dead 2 :pc-mac-360


Left 4 Dead 2 is a horror shooter that immerses four human survivors in the chaos of a zombie outbreak.. Teamwork is essential in this title to play cooperatively in five campaigns. Many weapons are available, and a competitive mode between eight players also there is many places

8.Dayz :pc-ps4

dayz is an online FPS set in a post-apocalyptic setting. The player learns on a beach in the former USSR and must survive in this world full of zombies and other players like him do anything to survive and protect the assets they have amassed.

7.All zombies must die :pc-ps3-360

All Zombies Must Die! Xbox 360 is playable up to four players. In the city of Deadhill, they will make their way through hordes of monsters hungry tender and fresh brains. To complete the quests from this completely crazy story, they will have a full arsenal and varied. Doublesix thus combines elements of action and RPG. The graphics reflect the nature both wacky and sinister universe.

6.Dead rising :360-wii

The laconic appeal of the zombie is for you a sweet melody? Welcome to Dead Rising on Xbox 360, a mix of action and humor in the heart of a huge American mall. Unscrupulous journalist parachuted into this dark place for a reason that is equally so, you will survive seventy-two hours pending the arrival of the saving helicopter. No small task when your shelter is overrun by the undead.

5.Call of Duty: World At War (Nazi Zombies) :ps3-pc-360

If youre a big fan of zombie games then this game is for you this game is for you you find yourself you and computer teammates in a land sorrounded by zombies where you need to run to checkpoint for arm and medical help and fight youre way out of the land there is so many game mode also you can play it online

4.State of decay :pc-ps3

State of Decay is a game of survival and horror. In an open world and invaded by zombies, the player must preserve, so find food, weapons to defend themselves and what shelter, for example by building fortifications

3.Resident Evil 2 :pc-ps3-psp

Following the first game of the same name, Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror in which the player can embody Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. They attempt to update the plans of the Umbrella organization when the city of Racoon City is completely infested by the T-virus.

2.Dying light :pc-ps4-ps3-360-one


Dying Light is a Survival-Horror in which the player must survive in a zombie infested city. By day, it is to explore the surroundings and find food and weapons, but at night, the zombies become more violent and go on hunting, especially since some particularly strong monsters only come out at sunset sun.

1.The Walking Dead :pc-ps4-ps3-360-mac-android-vita


Inspired by the comic of the same name, The Walking Dead: Season 1 is an adventure game in which the action takes place in a world where people are transformed into zombies after an unknown infection. The player incarnates Lee, a prisoner survivor who will take under his wing the young Clementine to help him find his parents.

P.S. If you are fond of zombie flash games, why not take a look at Earn to Die 3 and play the game?