Discover a better gaming experience with SSF2 Mcleodgaming

McLeodGaming was initially started by Gregory McLeod as a form of calculator game site, displaying TI-83 Plus calculator game modes such as SSF2. This particular game has seen major upgrades since its first launch, such as inclusion of Flash 10 AS3 which makes SSF2 Mcleodgaming even more interesting to play. It’s basically an arcade-style game, where different characters are pitted against one another in a cage.

Discover-a-better-gaming-experience-with-SSF2-McleodgamingGameplay & controls 

This game features approximately 28 playable characters not counting the double players, out of which 13 have been identified as starter characters, with 15 others being unlockable. Each one has a basic move-set comprising of just 5 attacks, which include standard, side, up, aerial and down. The characters belong to unique world, and each has some distinctive qualities.


In terms of controls, the first layer typically works with both arrow buttons & numeric pads while the second one uses keys W, D, A, S, P and O for launching attacks and defending. Despite its title, the SSF2 Mcleodgaming isn’t a sequel for the predecessor but rather a totally new game with different setting.

Cheats and tricks  

  1. a) Level Skip If you’re interested in skipping a levels, all you have to do is ‘right click’ on the gaming screen to initiate ‘Settings,’ then right click again and press ‘Play.’ This cheat can only be valid for 4 levels, when playing using the Adventure Mode setting.
  2. b) Freezing Opponents To freeze an enemy, simply go to training mode panel and switch ON the attack feature. Wait till the opponent bursts a move, and immediately he attacks click on ‘pause button’ and deactivate the attack. Your antagonist will immediately be frozen when this happens.

Note that certain criteria must be met first before unlocking some characters, currently SSF2 demos maintain an average of 400,000 plays per day on McLeodGaming , and have even peaked at more than 1 million streams a day.