Working Out The Brain – Impossible Quiz 3

CatNor the smart, nor the smarter, Slapp-Me-Do come up with a new game in the series, for the smartest. Impossible Quiz 3 ! So, you have finally completed the mentally challenging, nerve wreckingly daunting questions of the first two Impossible Quizzes, its time to exert your grey matter even further. Take on Impossible Quiz 3 or more aptly. the Impossible Quiz Book, a series of 150 questions, divided in 3 chapters, promising to extract the juice of every single brain cell. Questions that start innocuously as harmless simpletons and steadily progress to levels of optimized brilliance.

Keeping the ethos of Impossible Quizzes alive, most inquests of Impossible Quiz 3 lead to a fresh question, task or maze. Major rules continue to be the same. For each chapter, a player gets five lives at the beginning of the game. Every erroneous reply leads to the loss of one life, game gets over when no lives are left and player answers the next question incorrectly. Bomb questions need to be answered in the stipulated 11s, failing which the bomb will go off and the game’s over. Skips are the power ups which let you skip difficult questions. Its best to hold on to them for as long as you can, as the difficulty level keeps getting harder with each question. Fusestoppers are the power ups to help diffuse the Bombs.


Impossible Quiz 3 can be played efficiently at the click of a mouse, with only an occasional use of the arrow keys of the keyboard. Impossible Quiz 3 has an interesting pre launch story. After launching Impossible Quiz and Quiz 2 in 2007, Slapp-Me-Do came up with an April Fool version, Impossible Quiz 3 in 2008 which was nothing but a publicity stunt. Later on, they were cajoled by the developers to bring about a new game and came about the Impossible Quiz Book, in 3 parts for game lovers all over the world in 2009 through 2012. High time to get on that Impossible Quiz 3 now, your brain is dying to workout .