How to Survive in Happy Wheels flash game

Happy Wheels at school is a browser game that was first launched in 2010. It is a ragdoll physics-based game, that has become popular due to its graphic violence and a vast amount of user-generated content. The over-the-top nature of the graphic violence within the game is considered by many to be humorous, helping the game to receive positive reviews and feedback. IGN considered the game to be one of the “Best Free Games”. Except for ordinary version of the game, there is hacked Happy Wheels version as well, where you are immortal.

How-to-Survive-in-Happy-Wheels-flash-gameInstructions Happy Wheels is an individual level based game. The aim of most levels is to travel across a course to collect tokens or reach the finish line, without your character dying. Characters within the game can be decapitated, crushed, shot and lose limbs. However, the availability of user-generated content and creativity of players means that levels can have alternative or non-existent goals. Demo of Happy Wheels allows players to create their own levels for others to play using the level editor feature within the game. This feature contains a large number of objects and tools for users to create levels. Once the levels are available on the public server players can rate each others levels, making it easier for players to find the best user-generated levels on the game. The game also allows interactivity between players. Replays of levels within the game can be saved and shared with other players. This allows for players to post their best scores and compete with the Happy Wheels community. Controls The controls to play Happy Wheels 2 are considerably simple and easy to use, with all the controls being keyboard orientated. All characters within the game use the same controls but have different abilities attached to some of the controls. All playable characters use the same basic movement controls. The UP ARROW on the keyboard allows the character to accelerate forward, the DOWN ARROW will allow the character to reverse backward. To tilt the characters vehicles the LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW are used, depending on which way you would like the character to tilt.


There are three different action controls that can be used with each character, which will give a different action or animation depending on which character has been selected. The three action controls are SPACE, SHIFT and CTRL. These controls will vary from Jump, Boost, Eject Passengers etc. The Z key allows players to eject every character from the vehicle that is being used. If you have used this control, you can then change which character you are viewing by clicking the C Key.