A review of Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl

A-review-of-Return-Man-2-Mud-BowlReady! Set! Hut! We now have a spin off to Return Man! Coming back as Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl. This time it’s even muddier than ever. Play a football star, catch the football and return it to the end-zone for a winning touchdown! Well, what can we say? Have fun and do not get too dirty!


Imagine this, Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl is on a tie of 21-21 and has then been thrown to overtime. Your opposing team is just about to kick that ball. Your task is to catch the ball within that yellow circle and then run it downfield to the end-zone without receiving a tackle. But you have to watch out for the huge mud puddles. These will slow your pace! Within the play, you will find items that look like lightning bolts or stars. Try collecting these! These lightning bolts will boost your speed briefly while stars will give additional points to the final scores! Obtain high scores to get your name onto the Leaderboards! On those slippery snowfields, when you must try to stop running, ensure you do account for your slipping. Try timing your stopping-times appropriately and hence still stop just within those yellow circle and not too far ahead of the circle or too far. Keep your eyes on the number of times you fail particular levels. Each time you receive a tackle, you will lose possession. If you lose four possessions, you’ll ultimately lose that game and then have to begin the level all over. Do not worry though, the stage progress is saved – so it isn’t a complete loss.


Player controls in Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl are quite unusual when compared to other flash games. Why so? Instead of playing with the W, D, S, A keys in directing the character to the directions you wish for him to head to, you will use the L, K, J, I buttons. Additionally, you could also press your spacebar if you wish to continue your game, and then press the M key when muting the sound effect. Once you complete a certain level in completing future levels and stages.

A – Spin.

S – Speed Burst.

D – Front Flip.

Stages and Levels.

There are stages in Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl and every stage has different number of levels that you have to complete to unlock the next stages. As with every stage progression does get harder, every level progression does get harder as well! You might find your football heroes sliding and slipping across the field like ice skaters in certain stages, but rushing onto the end-zone while dodging the mud puddles and opposing the team players in others.

Happy Wheels Review A Mega Fun Game

Overview and Controls
Happy wheels is a graphic-based game that is both addictive and intriguing. With its skillful design that combines a twisted kind of humor and physics, users should expect to see some blood and guts. The four keyboard arrows, shift, control, space bars, and the alphabetical letter Z are the game’s primary controls. Happy wheels review reveals that first timers may find it challenging to control their characters because the mentioned controls seem quite heavy or slow to use. Just like other games, the starting point is selecting a character as well as the level. Basically, there are four characters to be chosen from and the primary goal is finishing the level selected without hurting your character. The mission fails when any part of the body or blood is lost from the character.


Playing the game
It is easy to access happy wheels by simply visiting the game’s website and downloading it to your browser. Other sites may even provide demos to guide users and familiarize them with the basics of the game and the primary controls. Account sign up is also necessary, and this allows the user to play and rate levels as well as create their own levels to be rated by other users. Another fundamental prerequisite to playing and actually winning the game is being conversant with the controls. In case the control keys available are hard to use, a user has the option of customizing them as needed.

Overall rating
Although the physics bit of the game seems rough, happy wheels is definitely playable. It is a fun game that will make you laugh and break monotony or boredom. It is an entertaining game that will keep you glued to your computer or mobile device. For these reasons, the game deserves a more than four-star overall rating.