Tank Trouble 3 – Demolish Your Opponents

What Is Tank Trouble 3?
Well, there’s a simple answer to that. Tank trouble 3 is a professional, highly immersive and competitive arcade game. Tank trouble includes 3d iteration which increases the games graphics, therefore, making it much better visually. Another thing about tank trouble 3 is that it includes a leader-board which makes the game, that more interesting and addictive. Tank trouble 3 is a free to play games as well (no string attached), so you can literally start playing now!

Tank-Trouble-3-–-Demolish-Your-OpponentsHow to Play (Controls)
Something that’s really good and convenient about this game is the simple controls it has. If you decide to play alone, the only thing you’ve got to know how to use is the arrow keys and letter M. If 2 people want to play together then one person uses the arrow keys + M and the second person uses letter e,s,d and f to move and q to shoot. If 3 people want to play together then what the third person uses is the mouse/touchpad. The controls are quite easy to use as mentioned but the thing is that it might be difficult for some to actually get used to them in the beginning (me for example), but don’t worry because the game is still very entertaining.

The idea behind Tank Trouble unblocked is to attack immediately wherever in the map you are, which might be something new for some beginning players, but don’t worry I’ll give you a few tips that’ll help you on the battlefield and lead you to victory.

If there’s something you should remember from this it’s these following tips. First of all, never wait for an opponent to attack first. Waiting will make a sitting duck and render your tank useless. Secondly, don’t fire at yourself. This might sound obvious but don’t be deceived. 1 wrong shot can make the missile bounce back and destroy your tank instead, so be careful. Lastly, remember that power-ups are key in this game. Many first time players don’t even notice them until they advance which is bad. 1 power-up and end your opponent in no time, so don’t neglect them.

What I Like and Dislike about Tank Trouble 3
There are many good things about this game but like everything else, it’s not perfect. Let’s start with what I like. The ability to play with friends that are next to you is something I really enjoy. Many arcade games don’t provide you with that option. Another thing I like about this game is the fact that it updates a lot with new maps and power-ups. This makes the game much more interesting and fun and at the end of the day, that’s what I want. The only thing I dislike about this game is the player 1 controls. I don’t like how close your arms have to be to play the game. Other than that this game is great.

In conclusion, this game is super fun and entertaining. It’s easy and simple with great graphics and other than some small control problems, this game is simply perfect. So start playing now!

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